split with Healing Powers

by arkless

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split with our buddies Healing Powers, who we will be touring with in August 2017 from the 11th-19th in the UK and mainland Europe.

we will be selling limited CD (and possibly tape) copies of this on tour. we are yet to arrange a vinyl release - get in touch if you'd like to help out.

this recording is joao, max and andy.

arkless was and always will be joao, max, andy and calum.


released July 14, 2017

Recorded at Sound Savers, London with Mark Jasper

Mixed and mastered by Joe Caithness at Subsequent Mastering

Artwork by Andy



all rights reserved


arkless London, UK

joao, calum, max, andy

emo, london


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Track Name: paw
still have the imprint of a paw on my chest
the fur ingrained in fibers
a clarifying stillness
a security in warmth
a phantom limb
that asks for nothing

your paw on my chest
is all I have in mind
upon return, a fragile life
a phantom limb that asks for nothing
but for a place to call home
Track Name: sacharrine
miles of man made prisons, measured as commodity
wrapped in the illusion of once removed

staring at an object, exposing the blame
saccharine, time and time again

a sudden surge of feeling, a peak inside our failures

so what is it all for?
filling in boxes and proving our worth?
is compassion such a chore?
is that smoke creeping in under the door?
ignore it, stamp it out
gasp for air, panic and pass out
Track Name: downpour
it’s in the quiet moment in the curving of an arm
in the whisper in the dead of night
it’s in the fingers of a palm
there’s a bruise, an unpleasant sight
a shining flaw and it’s burning bright

it’s a stretch, an effort
the sinews bulge under the skin

the fruit turns sour as it passes the lips
the sugar dissipates
to reveal a sour fix

bottled up and set to burst
a disappointing and unrelenting downpour
Track Name: lung
can’t reach inside and hold on to that
an abstract feeling
indifferent and always slightly off track
it slips between your fingers
that blockage in your lung

here comes the feeble excuse
the concession and the step down

to imagine this once felt indispensable
can’t fathom the weight on your shoulders
risking your ego, a terrifying feat
it slips between your fingers
that blockage in your lung
Track Name: glue
i fret that every moment will escape my grasp
that the present will evaporate and disappear into the past
familiarity free of contempt

there’s an understanding that comes from a life together
it means i owe all the happiness in my life to you
each time a part of me breaks off
you’re there holding the glue