by arkless

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released April 4, 2016

Recorded with Phil Booth at JT Soar
Produced by Joe Caithness
Mixed and mastered by Joe Caithness at Subsequent Mastering
Artwork and layout by Andy Hemming



all rights reserved


arkless London, UK

joao, calum, max, andy

emo, london

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Track Name: corner
try to find the right quip to get you through the day
dry wit, intelligence, or just desperate to be liked
i’m better with vitriol
i’m at odds with the world

but i’m feeling inspired
so i’ll find a corner and wile away the hours
though not idly

this is an obstacle, but that’s all it is to me
so expend your energy here while i plan my second life
Track Name: eye
i’m left wondering why - did you leave, or did i?
this is the change that breaks the back
chaps the skin and irritates the eye
did you leave or did i?

it bends, it breaks, it falters
deviates from its course and wanders
a fleeting glance, a trip up the stairs
it sneaks in and causes a ringing in the ears
did you leave or did i?

it’s always in the quick fix, half concocted plan
the sure thing, a missed detail

it always lets you down

and i’m left wondering - did you leave or did i?
Track Name: clear
a sharp intake of breath, it’s escaped you
just take a minute and think about it
this our misinterpreted pitch
blurted out, regurgitated

let’s take the minutes, don’t miss a thread
what matters is the delivery
not how we unpick it in the end

it’s clear, isn’t it?

a state left wanting and over exposed
an all too familiar feeling
meaning disassembled, unravelled, transposed

it’s clear, isn’t it?
Track Name: inertia
each day a new reason to plan an escape
but these bones are getting weary
and these meals won’t cook themselves
an improbable state

who could live life at that speed?
inertia took over
inert matrimony, an improbable fate

take me by the throat
take me by the hand
lead me forward
i am unwound
Track Name: never
never felt, could not foresee
being overpowered before
determined sense of ignorance
such a lack of understanding
experience or strength
not a swing, or a miss
but an unexpected lack of force

it’s not right to feel this, her experience every day
it’s a constant transmission, an acrid taste of dismay

held down, held back
inspected, investigated, wilfully misunderstood
surely we are all the victims
and surely we are all responsible
Track Name: age
approaching an age where we’ve come full circle
could almost be thirty five, broken and bruised
it was only a matter of time
it was never inevitable, or somehow coherent

it’s a temptation that’s almost too much
to reach out, to claw it back
to hope against hope
it was impossible to imagine that it would ever go away

it was only a matter of time before we could look closer
and lines would appear
it was never inevitable, or somehow coherent
that we could look closer, and lines would appear
Track Name: love
i’m in love with everything.
can’t quite quantify, couldn’t possibly explain.
it’s hard to hold back - to refrain.
to bite down on my tongue - taste of iron again.

that sixth sense, that indescribable taste.
it gets underneath the skin.
it invades, ingrains, it permeates.

i’m made up of everyone i’ve met,
who’s changed the way that i think.

reach out, grab everything you can.
hide it all now, i’m in love with everything.